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Lowell Mason House Music Advocacy Competition

The Lowell Mason House in Medfield, MA, a group working to restore the birthplace home of Lowell Mason, as well as  advocate for music education wherever possible is pleased to announce our Music Advocacy Competition, a competition that will help us better determine what kinds of advocacy efforts we can support in the future. The grand prize is a $5000 award!

LMH Advocacy Competition Announcement


Hughes & Jones Music Fund Grant

2019 Hughes & Jones Music Fund Grant

Charles L. Hughes and Alvin C. Jones founded the Hughes & Jones Music Fund in 2006 with the sole purpose of funding musical instruments for Nevada’s public schools. The goal was to make musical instruments available to students who might not otherwise be able to afford them and enable local schools to maintain the ownership for student use for years.

RFP Calendar Cycle:

Rural Counties in Spring of Odd Years

– Clark & Washoe Counties in Spring of Even Years

– $100,000 for Musical Instruments


2019 Proposal Information:

$5,000 maximum

– 1 proposal accepted per Program

– $5,000 maximum award per school. If 2 programs submit from 1 school and both are selected to be awarded, $5,000 maximum would be divided by both programs

– for music instruments

– Rural Nevada county middle and high schools



RFP Released January 28th

– RFP Due 5:00 pm PST March 22nd



Grant Application download:

The Hughes & Jones Music Fund is a component of the Nevada Community

Foundation.  The 2019 RFP and top scored 2018 proposal example can be

downloaded on the release date at


2019 H&J Grant for Music Announcement

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